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Shame On a Brother

by Bro. Martin Roache

Shame on a Brother who pledges his all but continues the cardinal sin, for he is not an asset to the organization the organization is an asset to him. Shame on a Brother who does no work to help his chapter build, but sits in his blue room with blue lights, on his blue bed drinking blue juice wearing his blue letters, he chills. Shame on a Brother who shows no shame and learns to live with the stigma, Sigma taught him all he knows about time value now he has no time for Sigma. Shame on a Brother who is a member, but not active and does not realize what's at stake for when too many Brothers lean on the shield, the shield will eventually break. Shame on a Brother for he is not a true Brother when most needed, his pledging stopped. There is no difference between an unactive Brother and another who pledged and dropped SHAME ON A BROTHER