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Reginald Culpepper

#3 - Spring '97

One Time

Major: Computer Science Minor: Cross Date: 05/01/97

Classification: 5th year Graduation Date: May 1998 At Psi

Birth Date: 09/13/74 Birth Place: Lake Wales, FL

Permanent Address: P.O. Box 318 Email address:

Box Springs, GA 31801

Current Employment: Student Researcher


CAU Honors Program

Offices Held

- Psi Chapter Dir. Of Education('97-'98)

Mr. Computer Science Club('95-'96)

CAU Honors Program Homecoming Committee Chair ('96)

Goals and Ambitions

To obtain a nice job, have a beautiful wife, have a couple of wonderful children...and just

sit back and chill. I would like to also dabble in the video gaming industry.


Playing video/computer games, bowling, listening to music, watching TV, cook, spend

money on stuff I want