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Guess Who

GUESS WHO [2nd verse] by CEELO of the GOODIE MOB My Momma, destination unknown, went out on her own She was barely even grown and became my momma I never knew my dad, so even when the times got bad I was glad cause I had my momma For so long she had to be strong I know at certain times she was wrong But she still my momma, it still amazes me The Lord had to help her raise me judging from the way I used to be My Momma, the biggest player that I know I love her so Hell everything I got I owe to momma Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing yo luv' I guess that was yo' way of preparing Yo' son to be the one and not the two To make you and my daddy's dream come true But what a surprise a car wreck (stupid nurse) left you paralyzed The sheet was pulled over yo' eyes when the doctor advised The family that you might not ever talk again But take your time, Guess whose the inspiration for the rhyme…My MOMMA! I felt that these lyrics best expressed my undying gratitude for what you've done for me. This is a combination MOTHER'S DAY and BIRTHDAY GIFT. I sent it early because this Feb., 21st is going to be a real busy time for me and I don't want to forget or be late. PEACE! -kamafi adio