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Chapter History

This history of Psi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is the
transcripted from the actual recording of one of the original members
of the Chapter, recorded on December 23, 1993 by Brother J.H. Graham 
and given to Brother Michael Hines. 

"When I entered Clark University in 1934, there were only two fraternities, 
Alpha and Omega. Students pledged during the second semester of their
freshman year and could be initiated during the first semester of their 
sophmore year. When I began to think of pledging to a Greek-lettered
organization, I discovered that both Alpha and Omega fraternities were on
academic probation, so I decided that we would try to establish Sigma on
the campus. We had one Sigma brother on the campus on the faculty: first 
year brother V.W. Hodges. After 1934-35, he left, so a few men who had made 
the honor roll sought advice from Dr. R.A. Billings. He arranged for us 
to be initiated with the pledgees from Chi Chapter [located at 
Morehouse College], Zeta Chapter [located at Morris Brown College], and 
Lambda Sigma Chapter [Alumni Chapter]. On October 29, 1935, a joint 
initiation was held at Dalmon Refractory. About 30 men were initiated and 
branded." Brothers Rev. John Amy and Archie Berry Hill are credited with 
the actual founding of Psi Chapter on December 27, 1935. "Our first 
president was E.T. Morgan; the first Secretary was Brother Roy Wellmaker. 
Psi Chapter began at its inception to stress scholarship. All brothers
used their skills in tutoring brothers and pledgees. Our Bigger and Better 
Negro Business Week, as it was called then, was celebrated in the month 
of April. Usually we brought in an outstanding Sigma from other chapters
as our guest speaker. When Brother James Weldon Johnson died, he was 
scheduled to be our next guest speaker. We grew despite handicaps. We
were proud to be called Sigmas. We held its banner high!" 

Fraternally Yours, J.H. Graham (Life Member #679) 

As you can see, pride and tradition are a main focus of Psi Chapter. 
We continue to carry out the goals of those brave men who chartered 
Psi on its way. Continuing the legacy, the Men of Psi continue to make
their impact locally and nationally. From being proclaimed as National
Stomp Down Champions to Chapter of the Year annually, the banner of Sigma 
still hangs high at Psi Chapter, Clark Atlanta University! Oh Sigma 
dear, thou hast for years led brave men, strong and free. To thee we
raise our hearts in song...WE PLEDGE OUR LOYALTY!!!