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Apology Of A Man

I see you sitting together But inside the tears keep falling. I see the anger, the disappointment. Inside...I hear a voice that's calling. At night's pretend, It doesn't matter that there's no one waiting at home. Well, I know that it matters, because I too am alone. Now for every man that ever hurt you. For every tear that fell from your eyes. Here and now, I'd like to apologize. I'm sorry for the many nights, You spent staring at the phone, I'm sorry for the birthdays, the holidays. Just the days you spent alone. I'm sorry for the other women, That made you feel less than the queen that you are. I'm sorry that he reached for the moon, When in his hand he held...a star. I'm sorry for the broken promises, The broken ribs...blackened eyes behind tinted shades. I'm sorry for the fear, the risk... The possibility of AIDS. I'm sorry that the only time you heard I love you, Was when he found himself between your thighs. Here and now, with my soul...with my heart... To you I apologize. I'm sorry he never listened to what you had to say. I'm sorry that when you needed him most, He just turned and walked away. I'm sorry for the first time you said, "I'll never love again." I'm sorry for the first time you said, "God forgive me...but I hate all men," I'm sorry for the fist that says, "I only beat you because I care." I'm sorry for all the times you needed to be held, But he was never there. I'm sorry for the scars, That no medicine can heal. I'm sorry for the near fatal overdose of sleeping pills. I'm sorry for all the times he swore truth, But you knew every word he said was lies. Let this be a moment of healing...... Here and now.........I apologize. I'm sorry he rejected your child, Never picked them up when they fell. I can only say, "If I'm willing to love the woman. Then I'm willing to love that child as well," I'm sorry he used your body, Seeing you as nothing more...than a notch on his belt. I'm sorry that no answer came, When your heart cried out for help. But most of all...I'm sorry he took you for granted. Never realizing...the Strength...the Beauty...the Glory... The Wonder...that is YOU. But to you I say, "Don't give up!" God has something special in store. To you I say, "Love is around the next corner, Behind the next door." And this time, God will give you just what your Heart is asking for. Lord knows...We all make mistakes. We're only human after all. Just don't be so angry that you turn your back When true love calls. So just remember...not every man is the same. So not every man should bare the blame, For the deeds of a misguided few. Remember there are men out there.... That are willing to love YOU...JUST...FOR...YOU.> Also remember, Yours is not the only broken heart. Mine has been broken too. I just hope that you can forgive the MAN in Me... Like I forgave the WOMAN in You.