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By R. Pieter

Turns my stomach Blows my mind When I hear these words Come from my own kind WHAT'S UP NIGGER? Everyday that passes Everywhere I go Young brothers act As if they don't know About the history WHAT'S UP NIGGER Ain't no mystery That the whip was cracked Across your back But I still hear brothers say WHAT'S UP NIGGER? As if they don't know about Hangin from a tree Being shit on and pissed on For all to see Like that really struck fear Well, dig this brothers We all still here!! Despite their meetings In the night at the slave shack in the field Propositioning our sisters so that hey could cop a feel Of The greatness. And I just hate this. This feeling that cringes Within my gut When I hear brothers say As they strut WHAT'S UP NIGGER? Damn kid!! When you gonna learn? How you were called a nigger While they tortured you and burned Their fiery cross of hate And it ain't too late my brother To start respecting yourself And then each other. But you seem to be comfortable Calling me this. This degrading word That's meant as a diss Like those old ass descriptions Sambo? and Boy? You think calling me a nigger Brings me joy? It hurts me It shames me It makes me mad How you don't seem to realize Just how sad It is to be referred to Like I'm not you Standing in front of you A Nigger! Is that all I am? A Nigger? Is that what you see me as? A Nigger? Is that who you are? A Nigger? Does it make you feel bigger? When you pull the trigger? Just another job For another gravedigger Unknown without a name Another nigger That they tried to tame Well, A nigger is As a nigger does And a nigger with a bullet in his head Is a nigger that was. We've gotta stop the madness And not be so blind Dig the tricks While we still have time Walk with pride And remember those Who were called a nigger As they took the blows And Survived (And if not for them would we be alive?) So wake up now and Take a stand And stop referring to me As less than a man Check yourself On this very thing Cause ain't no nigger Can be no king And in the future when greeting me or another Keep it real, like WHAT'S UP BROTHER?